Engineering & Services in Renewable Energies Area

The world faces a major challenge: decarbonizing the global economy. Over the past 150 years, global consumption of coal, oil and gas boomed as it fueled the world’s growing business activity. This success carried a price tag, however, in the form of large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that increased average global temperatures by 1 degree Celsius in the last century.

In the coming decades, the world faces a complex challenge – continue to grow economically while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.

PES Engineering is ready to support the Companies, helping them to face the future challenges.

  • Conceptual Design & Optimisation​, Feasibility Studies, Techno-economic Analysis, FEED and Detail Design
  • Site Assessments: Geotechnical Investigation and Site Surveying
  • Site Construction Management and Commissioning Process
  • Installation, Construction, Inspection & Expediting of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and Main Components
  • Wind Turbine Suitability Reviews & Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Preventive, Corrective Maintenance and Spare Parts Management
  • Manpower and Worldwide Technical Assistance
  • Assistance in Planning, Tendering, Bid Evaluation and Contract Award
  • Project Management & Control
  • PV Cells and PV Modules Technologies Assessments
  • Verification of Plant Output, Operational Performance Analysis
  • Fault Diagnosis Analysis & Troubleshooting
  • Operational Asset Management
  • Offshore Wind Energy Services